Shaping a vision for Yate
South Gloucestershire Council, along with its partners, are in the process of developing a masterplan for Yate, which will set out the long-term vision for improving the town. The masterplan will build on the existing character of the town and its existing strengths to ensure Yate is a great place to live, work and visit. In October and November 2020, we held a six-week public engagement period inviting comments and feedback on the emerging vision and ideas for Yate, including opportunities around six key themes. You can find out more about the engagement period here. You can read about the feedback we collected across the six key themes here or download a copy of the full feedback report here. Now that we have reflected on your thoughts and suggestions for Yate across the six key themes of the masterplan, we will begin to work on more detailed options across four focus areas:
  • Yate Town Centre
  • Station Road
  • Yate Railway Station
  • Yate Industrial Estate
In early summer 2021, we will carry out a 12-week public consultation on the masterplan. The consultation will give you the opportunity to provide feedback on the options for the four focus areas.
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Key information
If you have any questions or queries about the Yate Town Improvement Masterplan, please email or complete the form on our contact page.
Public engagement5th October 2020 to 16th November 2020

Your feedback will inform the draft Yate Town Improvement Masterplan which will be put to consultation next year.
Feedback reviewDecember 2020

We reviewed your comments on the vision for the masterplan, following the six-week public engagement period.
Draft masterplanEarly Spring 2021

We will draft the masterplan, taking into consideration the feedback we received during the February engagement period.
Public consultationLate Spring 2021

We will hold a twelve-week public consultation on the draft masterplan.
Publish masterplanSummer 2021

We will finalise and publish the masterplan.
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