Six key themes
What are the key aspects of the vision?
Our approach to the masterplan vision is based on six key themes, each with their own opportunities.

During our autumn 2020 engagement period we sought to understand your views around these key themes and what improvements and solutions you would like to see. We have listed the key themes below, together with an overview of the feedback that you gave us.

For an overview of how we reflected this feedback in our vision and options for the masterplan during the summer 2021 consultation, you can read about our engagement to date.


Putting people and community at the heart of the vision for the town

  • Promoting a strong sense of identity, community and belonging for both young and old people
  • Ensuring that everyone has access to work, places to live, places to meet and access to nature
  • Enriching the calendar of community events to bring residents together
  • Introducing opportunities for arts and culture
  • Ensuring that everyone in the community can make their voices heard and contribute to the town
Your feedback
We asked for three words to describe how you would like Yate to be in the future.

Some of the most common words were 'green', 'vibrant', 'safe', 'modern', friendly', inclusive', 'clean' and 'accessible'.

Your other suggestions on the theme of community were:
  • increasing arts, music and culture in Yate, including introducing facilities such as a theatre, and encouraging more outdoor events and street art
  • improving the town's reputation and sense of community pride
  • improving antisocial behaviour, increasing police presence and reducing crime
  • keeping local heritage and sharing local history with the community
  • increasing the number of community spaces, especially those suitable for social distancing and outdoor events
  • increasing the number of community groups
  • increasing investment in existing community groups and ensuring they are well promoted
  • ensuring there are community groups and activities for all ages, and older and younger people in particular

Improving physical, mental and environmental health

  • Making it easier to move through town, including people with disabilities
  • Promoting more active ways of travelling, such as cycling and walking, to improve people's health and wellbeing
  • Reducing CO2 emissions and improving the air quality
  • Making space on existing roads for pedestrians
  • Improved accessibility and attractiveness of Yate station and bus station
Your feedbackResponses to the autumn engagement period helped us to understand how you travel around Yate for different types of journeys and to gauge your support for improving different modes of transport across active travel (walking, wheeling and cycling), public transport and driving.

Our key findings from your feedback on movement and travel in Yate were:

Active travel
  • increasing the provision of cycle lanes and connections
  • implementing more pedestrian crossings, particularly along Station Road
  • improving the quality of pavements and footpaths
  • keeping local heritage and sharing local history with the community
  • improving air quality
  • improving the visual appeal of the environment
Public transport (bus and rail)
  • increasing the regularity of bus and rail services
  • improving bus and rail links
  • improving bus shelters and locations of bus stops
  • affordable bus fares
  • improving traffic management and reducing congestion, especially in the town centre
  • lowering speed limits
  • dealing with antisocial driving and speeding
  • reducing the number of cars on the road and the need to drive in Yate
  • increasing the amount of parking in residential areas
  • increasing the provision of parking for businesses and shops
  • increasing the amount of parking for schools and pick-up/drop-off
There was also support and opposition for the new temporary cycle lanes on Station Road, which are not part of this masterplan. Details of the separate consultation on the Station Road cycle lanes can be found at:

Helping Yate to achieve sustainable growth

  • Providing access to new skills and training within Yate
  • Creating new spaces in the town for the next generation of businesses
  • Promoting more environmentally sustainable ways of doing business, including reducing waste and using more local resources
  • Creating attractive places to live and work to attract the best talent
Your feedbackResponses to the autumn engagement period helped us to understand the kind of improvements you would like to see for businesses, employment and housing.

Those who responded to the feedback form showed support for making office space available for new businesses, accessing new skills and training, and helping businesses to work in more environmentally friendly ways. We also saw support for more affordable homes to buy and more houses with gardens.

Your other ideas and suggestions on the theme of economy included:
  • issues created by new housing developments, such as extra strain on the road network, and support for increasing the infrastructure in Yate to support this
  • opposing new housing developments in favour of keeping green spaces
  • suggestions for specific types of businesses, including independent businesses, discount supermarkets and chain restaurants
  • increasing support for businesses and start-ups
  • improving opportunities for people to work near their homes or from home
  • increasing the employment opportunities for young people
Town Centre

Increasing the variety of things for people to do

  • Providing more services in one, easy to access location
  • Improving the range of things to do throughout the day and evening
  • Creating new places to live in the town centre
  • Creating safe, attractive places for people to meet and gather
Your feedbackResponses to the autumn engagement period helped us to understand how you use different facilities in the town centre and how likely you would be to visit the town centre if there was a greater range of facilities. The most interest was shown for local produce and food markets, outdoor spaces for socialising, and play areas, parks and recreational grounds.

Your other thoughts suggestions about the town centre included:
  • improving the appearance of the shopping centre and making it more modern
  • supporting using the shopping centre for different uses in both the daytime and evening, with covered outdoor places for people to meet
  • increasing the number of restaurants, bars and nightlife
  • increasing the range and quality of shops available
  • increasing the provision of gyms and leisure facilities
  • having food, craft and farmers markets
  • increasing the amount of entertainment and art
  • modernising the design of public spaces and buildings in the town centre
Healthy, happy people

Improving people's physical and mental wellbeing

  • Creating new, accessible green spaces and improving access to existing spaces
  • Reducing the need to travel by car
  • Ensuring there are good quality places to socialise
  • Providing easy access to healthcare services for everyone, and close to homes
  • Enabling young people to achieve their needs and wants in Yate
Your feedbackResponses to the autumn engagement period have given us insight into how easily you can access key places and services via walking, cycling or public transport (i.e. not using a car).

Your other ideas and suggestions on this theme included:
  • requests for facilities, including indoor bowls and bowling, snooker and pool, and exercise classes
  • increasing the number of flowers and plants in open spaces
  • increasing or maintaining the number of open spaces
  • increasing seating available in outdoor spaces
  • people not feeling safe in Yate
  • having food, craft and farmers markets
  • improving safety when travelling in particular
  • reducing pollution along Station Road and around / within green spaces

Working with the natural environment

  • Protecting and enhancing the local environment, including habitats for plants and animals
  • Connecting the town with green areas, such as the River Frome, quarry site and Common
  • Improving the relationship between the town, the nearby countryside and the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Your feedbackResponses to the autumn engagement period have helped us to understand how often you use Yate's parks and open spaces, and the key improvements you would like to see in open spaces.

Our key findings from your feedback about the environment in Yate included:
  • protecting wildlife and increasing biodiversity
  • increasing the number of green spaces available
  • improving the facilities in open spaces, including foot and cycle paths, lighting and CCTV, playgrounds, accessibility for those with additional needs, seating, and toilets
  • encouraging wildlife and sharing information about it with the community, such as through information boards
  • planting more flowers and trees
  • reducing air, noise and light pollution
  • improving the cleanliness of the town, reducing littering and increasing recycling
  • enhancing climate change resilience and support for carbon neutral and sustainable practices, including increasing green energy and educating the community on climate change
You can download a copy of the full feedback report for the autumn engagement period in our Document Library.
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