Yate Town Improvement Masterplan
The Yate Town Improvement Masterplan will be an important document that shapes the future of Yate by setting out a long-term vision and objectives for the town. Building on the existing character of the town, the masterplan seeks to unlock heritage, social, community and economic opportunities and support investment within Yate in the coming years.
Why do we need a vision?
We live in unprecedented times, with major new challenges that require a fresh way of thinking.

In our approach, people and community are at the heart of this thinking, as changing behaviours in the way we live, work and travel will inform how planned changes will happen in Yate.

The masterplan will shape the future of Yate by setting out a long-term vision and objectives for the town.

New opportunities
The masterplan vision will define new opportunities for:
  • Future growth
  • Grass root community engagement
  • More walking and cycling
  • Reduce congestion and enhance air quality
  • Meet the needs of an ageing population
  • Create more opportunities for young people
  • Maintaining economic prosperity
  • Helping everyone access new jobs, new skills and homes
  • To maintain our existing wildlife and to create new habitats
  • Creating new ways for people to enjoy nature by providing better access

The wider picture
The Yate Town Improvement Masterplan will support the new South Gloucestershire Local Plan. The 'Phase 1' Local Plan consultation document has been published, marking the start of the Local Plan 2020 process. The consultation runs until the 1 March 2021. The Local Plan documents can be found here.

The masterplan will also reflect the objectives and themes from national, regional and local strategies and plans.

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