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We have addressed some of your common questions about the Yate Town Improvement Masterplan below.
What is a masterplan?

A masterplan is an important document that looks at the long-term planning and development opportunities for improving an area, helping to shape its future. The Yate Town Improvement Masterplan will set out the long-term vision for improving Yate in the coming years.

Alongside taking into consideration feedback from the local community, the masterplan will reflect the objectives and themes from national, regional and local strategies.

How will the masterplan influence future development?

The masterplan will help inform the drafting of the South Gloucestershire Local Plan. The South Gloucestershire Local Plan will set out a vision and a framework for the future development for South Gloucestershire. It will address the needs and opportunities in relation to housing, the economy, community facilities, infrastructure and the environment. The Local Plan will be used to make decisions on planning applications within South Gloucestershire, including Yate.

The 'Phase 1' Local Plan consultation document has been published, marking the start of the Local Plan 2020 process. The consultation ran until 1st March 2021. The Local Plan documents can be accessed using the following link:

Who is responsible for producing the masterplan?

South Gloucestershire Council is responsible for producing a number of documents that set out the planning and development strategy for South Gloucestershire. The Council has been working in partnership with its partners to develop a masterplan for Yate. There is a steering group for the development of the masterplan that includes South Gloucestershire Council, Yate Town Council, Ellandi, NHS, Circadian Trust, South Western Ambulance Service and Avon Fire & Rescue Service.

Other organisations like transport providers, housing providers and environmental organisations are stakeholders.

One of the Council's roles in this masterplan process is to make sure that proposals are compliant with planning policy and deliver the anticipated outputs determined by the Local Plan.

What is the decision-making process for agreeing the masterplan?

The masterplan is developed based on national, regional and local policies and commitments, such as the pledge to make South Gloucestershire carbon neutral by 2030. This is in addition to the evidence we gather and review, which includes the public feedback gathered during the six-week engagement period, which was held between Monday 5th October 2020 to Monday 16th November 2020. We will use your feedback, suggestions and ideas to inform the next stage of the masterplan design.

How do I provide my feedback?

Between the 5th October and the 16th November 2020, we sought feedback on the emerging vision and our ideas for Yate, including opportunities around six key themes. This engagement has now closed.

A big thank you to all who have responded. Your feedback will be used to inform the drafting of the masterplan, which will be put to consultation in late spring.

Who do I contact if I have a query about the masterplan or want to find out more?

If you have a query or comment about the masterplan, please email or complete the form on the contact page.

How will my information be used?

Information provided will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018. Our privacy notice, which explains how we will process your personal information, how long we will retain it and your rights as a data subject, is available at:

Why is the Yate Town Improvement Masterplan necessary?

Yate is a busy commuter town, with good links to Bristol and the Cotswolds, however the town faces a number of social, environmental, and economic challenges, such as a heavy reliance on cars to move around town, a decline in high street and retail centres, and changing housing and employment needs. The masterplan is necessary to address these challenges, providing a 'blue print' for long-term planning and development opportunities to improve the town in the coming years.

What is the aim of the masterplanning process?

We are committed to developing a masterplan that demonstrates what you, as residents, visitors and businesses, would like to see in Yate. Building on the existing character of the town, the masterplan seeks to unlock heritage, social, community and economic opportunities and support investment within Yate in the coming years.

The vision will define new opportunities for:

  • Future growth by transforming and improving places within Yate.
  • Grass root community engagement at a local scale by creating new ideas and ways to empower the businesses and people of Yate.
  • More walking and cycling to help people stay healthy, to allow them to move around more easily and to create more attractive places.
  • Reduce congestion and enhance air quality by increased use of public transport.
  • Meet the needs of an ageing population.
  • Create more opportunities for young people to have access to local employment, affordable housing and activities in Yate.
  • Maintain economic prosperity whilst ensuring that everyone benefits no matter your level of wealth.
  • To help everyone including those who are less well-off access new jobs, new skills and homes.
  • To maintain our existing wildlife and to create new habitats.
  • Creating new ways for people to enjoy nature by providing better access.

How will the masterplan benefit residents of Yate?

People and community are placed at the heart of the Yate Town Improvement Masterplan vision. The masterplan is shaped by overarching objectives that will serve the community of Yate, such as enhancing public and environmental health by encouraging more walking and cycling, supporting access to affordable housing and local employment, and improving access to nature for people to readily enjoy local outdoor spaces.

We have identified a number of places throughout the town that could be transformed and improved, however a key component of the masterplan, critical to its success, is understanding what the community of Yate would like to see.

Why are Yate Town Centre, Station Road, Yate Railway Station and Yate Industrial Estate key areas of focus in the masterplan?

The masterplan includes key areas of focus on the town centre, Station Road, Yate Railway Station and Yate Industrial Estate, as these four areas have been at the heart of Yate community life for more than two centuries. Today, these areas continue to play a key role in how Yate residents, visitors and businesses alike view and experience the town owing to the character and geographical location of these areas.

Assessment undertaken to date has identified challenges within each of these areas including, but not limited to, Yate Town Centre being retail focused, being difficult to travel to via walking, and offering limited evening activities. We are aware that Station Road is a congested road, with a poor perception of pedestrian safety; Yate Railway Station is difficult to find from Station Road and is surrounded by car parking; and Yate Industrial Estate comprises of single storey industrial buildings and numerous dead ends.

The council consulted on cycle improvements along Station Road, which was an early opportunity to provide a safer route for cyclists and to help make sustainable travel across Yate a more attractive option.

Through targeted improvements, these areas have the potential to become spaces for transformation and regeneration, unlocking opportunities throughout the town.

For more information on the challenges and opportunities identified to date in these four areas, please refer to the Yate Town Improvement Baseline Report and the Autumn 2020 Engagement Output Report in the 'Document library' page.

Does the masterplan include the Station Road cycle improvements?

We are at the early stage of the development of the masterplan. The six-week engagement period, which ran from 5th October 2020 to 16th November 2020, focused on the vision and opportunities for Yate, including along Station Road. We welcomed your suggestions for improving Station Road, as part of the masterplan engagement.

Separately, South Gloucestershire Council undertook a six month public consultation on the installation of cycle lanes on both sides of Station Road, from the junction with Culvert Avenue (Badminton Road roundabout) to the B&Q roundabout. This enabled the council to create additional space on the footpaths either side for pedestrians and provide dedicated space for cyclists to help maintain social distancing.

The public consultation for the cycle lane scheme started on the Monday 24th August 2020 and ended on 1st March 2021.

I own/occupy a property within Yate Town Centre, Station Road, Yate Railway Station and / or Yate Industrial Estate – what does this mean for me?

We held a six-week engagement period, which ran from 5th October 2020 to 16th November 2020, to hear from local residents and businesses about how you want Yate to be improved, if at all. During the engagement period, we sought your views so we can better understand the challenges you and / or your business face and, importantly, how we can address these challenges to help you. It is important to note that we are in the initial stages of the masterplan development; therefore, no plans have been drawn up or decided. We will use your feedback, suggestions and ideas from the engagement period to inform the next stage of the masterplan design.

Are you looking to improve other areas of Yate?

Yes, the masterplan is taking a 'whole town approach', meaning that although Yate Town Centre, Station Road, Yate Railway Station and Yate Industrial Estate have been identified as key areas of improvement, the masterplan will seek to enhance existing and develop new facilitates and spaces across the town based on evidence gathered, including public feedback.

Are all the identified opportunities going to be put in place?

We are in the initial stages of the masterplan development, so no plans have been drawn up or decided. Through the engagement process, which ran from 5th October 2020 to 16th November 2020, your views were sought on issues, opportunities and recommendations for improving Yate.

How can I get involved in further rounds of engagement or consultation?

We are using your feedback, suggestions and ideas to inform the next stage of the masterplan design. We will hold a public consultation on the draft masterplan in late spring.

To be notified of any future updates on the masterplan, please complete the 'Sign-up for updates' form.

What are next steps in the masterplan process?

The next steps of the Yate Town Improvement Masterplan process are as follows:

  • December 2020 – We reviewed your comments on the vision for the masterplan, following the six-week public engagemenr period.
  • Early Spring 2021 – We will draft the masterplan, taking into consideration the feedback we received during the February engagement period.
  • Late Spring 2021 – We will hold a twelve-week public consultation on the draft masterplan.
  • Summer 2021 – We will finalise and publish the masterplan.
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