Our autumn engagement period
Our initial public engagement period was held between 5th October and 16th November. We welcomed comments made online via our feedback form and interactive map and by post, email and over the phone. The engagement period was promoted on our website, on posters around Yate, and on postcards delivered to residents of Yate. It was also advertised via social media, on South Gloucestershire Council’s website, and within community newsletters. Information about the engagement period was sent to Town and Parish Councils, councillors and local voluntary and community organisations, as well as a range of other stakeholders and interested parties.
Our engagement period included:
postcards delivered to residents and businesses in Yate

Advertising across the council's Twitter and Facebook, including targeted localised campaigns

Placing advertisements in a number of local newspapers, including MyYate, The Boundary, and Yate Gazette
Displaying posters at local information points across Yate, such as the shopping centre
Sending printed copies of materials to community locations, who were asked to share the information with anyone who was interested

Through our engagement period we received:

website visits

completed feedback forms

interactive map posts

You can read about the feedback we collected during the engagement period here or by downloading our feedback brochure.

For the full results of our autumn engagement period, you can download our feedback report.

Next steps Now that we have reflected on your thoughts and suggestions for Yate across the six key themes of the masterplan, we will begin to work on more detailed options across four focus areas:
  • Yate Town Centre
  • Station Road
  • Yate Railway Station
  • Yate Industrial Estate
As we develop and refine our options, we will continue to engage with stakeholders across Yate, including landowners, businesses, and community groups.

In early summer 2021, we will carry out a 12-week public consultation on the masterplan. The consultation will give you the opportunity to provide feedback on the options for the four focus areas.

The final Yate Town Improvement Masterplan will be published later in 2021.
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