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Industrial estate

We recognise the success and growth of the industrial estate, which is fuelled by loyal, local businesses and brands with a strong relationship to Yate.

There is an opportunity to improve the area of the existing industrial estate closest to the railway station to make it more attractive and sustainable by introducing the following options:

  • Enhanced space for nature, such as improving the River Frome Walkway, improving biodiversity, and protecting wildlife, creating rainwater management systems and tree-lined streets, and improving diversity in open spaces.
  • Rethinking movement in and around the industrial estate to put more emphasis on walking/wheeling, cycling and public transport and connecting to the new Park and Ride facility. There is an option to connect Badminton Road to Yate Road via a new link road to divert heavy traffic and provide a clear boundary between the urban and natural environment. A new tree-lined loop road boulevard provides greater visibility of businesses from the road, and has segregated pedestrian footpaths. There are parking areas with charging points for electric vehicles and a dedicated bus route to provide high quality access to the railway station.
  • Community and mixed land use to encourage a broad mix of activities across the industrial estate to make the place more attractive to live, work and socialise, including areas for retail, gyms, childcare, and health services.
  • Sustainable infrastructure, utilities and services, such as high-speed broadband, access to renewable energy sources like wind and solar, and sustainable waste management and recycling. There are also spaces available for new businesses, start-ups and co-working.


Some of the plots at the industrial estate have large yard spaces for day-to-day operations, which are fenced off from other plots and the street. This type of industrial use provides a relatively low number of jobs for the size of the space (per hectare).

Intensification means gradually increasing the different activities and uses on a plot of the same size. This would mean more units for businesses and other facilities, and therefore an increase in the number of job opportunities in a smaller, denser area, helping to safeguard other space from development elsewhere.

You can respond to the consultation online here.